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Building to Building Links

Linking your business!

It is now possible to communicate between separate buildings via high speed wireless Voice and Data Links...

As more and more organisations increase their property via campus environments, the need for high speed, high quality, secure communications between separate buildings becomes an essential requirement.

Though a range of options are currently available (e.g. expensive leased line - Kilo/Mega Streams, burying cable underground, LAN Extension Service), there are a number of disadvantages, weeks/months to install, including the huge cost and disruption of digging up roads and the high expense of leased line.

Ideal for the following applications:

  • Universities / Colleges / Schools
  • Airports / Ferry Terminals / Rail Yards
  • Large Factory / Manufacturing / Industrial Environments
  • Hospitals
  • Government / Local Governments sites
  • Theme Parks
  • Sports Stadium / Complexes
  • Disaster recovery with Rapid Deployment

Sitelink’s range of Radio and Infrared Free Space Optical Links, however, provides the most cost effective and time efficient Wireless Link solution for both Voice and Data applications. A full range of application specific options are available to link buildings separated by distances up to 4000 metres. Systems are available as E1 G.703 PABX Voice Links, or Data Links in either Full of Half Duplex, 10Mbps, 100Mbps 1Gig and 155Mbps ATM versions.

The technology employed in Sitelink’s wireless units is extremely resilient to adverse weather conditions, ensuring a link 99.7% of the time (a statistic which is identical to that of physical cable). Sitelink’s Wireless Links are the ideal solution in most communication link applications.

Radio Link Hire Service

Sitelink have added Cambium PTP & PTMP IP radio links to their hire fleet. Temporary links can be installed by our in-house specialists for a day, week, month or longer if required. Point to Point links can be used for a variety of solutions including:-

  • Broadband or IP Network extension
  • IP CCTV cameras
  • Telephone system expansion

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Full Duplex

Building to Building

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