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Shift into Digital

Introducing MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System.
The future of two-way radio.

The next-generation professional two-way radio communications solution is here, with enhanced performance, productivity, value and more opportunity for you. With better basics and enhanced features, MOTOTRBO is Motorola’s first digital two-way radio system specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional organisations that need a customisable, business-critical communication solution using licensed spectrum.
MOTOTRBO combines the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology to deliver increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications.

Motorola MOTOTBO family of Digital Radios

  • Includes everything it takes to meet the business critical needs of a wide range of users, portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters, accessories, applications and services.
  • Uses Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology to provide twice the calling capacity for the price of one license. A second call doesn’t require a second repeater, so your customers save on equipment.
  • Doubles the number of users who can be supported on a single licensed 12.5 kHz channel.
  • Integrates voice and data to increase operational efficiency and support a wide range of applications. Through Motorola’s Application Partner Programme customers and system integrators can have access to these advanced features and build on their investment.
  • Provides clearer voice communications over a greater range than comparable analogue radios, rejecting static and noise.
  • Offers enhanced battery life. Digital TDMA two-way radios can operate up to 40 percent longer between recharges as compared to typical analogue radios.
  • Enables additional functionality including dispatch data and enhanced call signaling.
  • Provides easy migration from analogue to digital, with MOTOTRBO's ability to operate in both analogue and digital modes.
  • Meets U.S. Military 810 C, D, E and F specifications, IP57 for submersibility (portable models), and Motorola standards for durability and reliability.
  • Utilises the IMPRES™ Smart Energy System to automate battery maintenance, optimise life cycle and maximise talk time

Why Digital Two Way Radio

Professional digital two-way radio systems operating on licensed spectrum offer capabilities that other mobile technologies cannot. These advantages make it the clear choice for mobile organisations that require an affordable, flexible, highly reliable solution, along with the power and range available only in licensed bands.

With two-way radio, you can tailor a solution to meet your customer’s specific coverage and functionality needs. There's no need to rely on often unreliable and always-more-costly public networks. A two-way radio solution typically pays for itself in less than 18 months, as compared to cellular or public carrier solutions, which require ongoing monthly payments.

The Digital Difference

Analogue two-way radio use proves itself every day in countless installations around the world. Today a new platform is available to help your customer achieve new levels of performance and productivity. Digital technology enables that breakthrough.

Many businesses need more than the fundamental services that analogue two-way radio can deliver. Licensed channels are becoming crowded while your customers clamor for more capacity. In combination with voice, your customers may also need access to data to improve responsiveness and productivity. Digital two-way radio provides a powerful, flexible platform that can be adapted to meet these needs and more. With MOTOTRBO your customers can benefit from:

  • Expanded digital voice, data, and control capabilities delivered over a given slice of RF spectrum. Professional customers recognise that mobile workers can be more productive if they have wireless access to applications. Such as text messaging services and location services as well as voice. With digital twoway radio, you can get increased capacity and flexibility to support these applications.
  • Lower licensing and equipment costs. Digital two-way radio solutions based on Time- Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology enable two virtual channels within a single 12.5 kHz licensed repeater channel. This provides twice the calling capacity for the price of one license. And because there’s only one “real” channel, a second call doesn’t require a second repeater.
  • Clearer voice communications over a greater range. When signal strength drops off with distance, digital error-correction technology can accurately deliver both voice and data with virtually no loss over a far greater area.
  • Static and noise rejection. Analogue signals become distorted, producing audible static as signal strength degrades. By contrast, digital receivers simply reject anything they interpret as an error. In turn, this helps to enable users to hear better in noisy environments.
  • Enhanced battery life. Each individual transmission only uses half the battery power of an analogue system transmitting at the same wattage—so MOTOTRBO portable radios deliver far more uptime per battery charge.
  • Additional functionality. Companies that manage vehicle fleets (such as taxis or buses) or direct mobile service personnel installing or repairing equipment are looking for ways to improve customer service. Dispatchers need to be able to easily locate human and equipment assets for faster customer response. Using integrated GPS and the Application Partner Programme they will have what they need.
  • Easy migration. Many businesses can't afford to completely replace an existing infrastructure. MOTOTRBO’s ability to operate in both analogue and digital modes enables a smooth, planned migration at your customer’s pace, no sticker shock, no disruption. (Digital features are not available when operating in analogue mode)
  • Superior value. All organisations want to get the most out of their investment – including fast return. With its affordable pricing and exceptional performance, the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System is designed to be the industry’s best answer and an exceptional value.

Digital Radio from Sitelink

Motorola Digital Portable Radios

Motorola Digital Portable radio

Motorola DP1400


Motorola Digital Portable radio

Motorola DP2400


Motorola Digital Portable radio

Motorola DP2600


Motorola Digital Portable radio

Motorola DP4400 / DP4401


Motorola Digital Portable radio

Motorola DP4600 / DP4601


Motorola Digital Portable radio

Motorola DP4800 / DP4801


Motorola Digital Portable radio

Motorola SL4000 / SL4010


Motorola Digital ATEX Portable

Motorola DP4401 EX


Motorola Digital ATEX Portable

Motorola DP4801 EX


Motorola Digital Mobiles and Repeaters

Motorola digital mobile radio


Motorola MOTOTRBO mobile DM1400

Motorola digital mobile radio


Motorola MOTOTRBO mobile DM1600

Motorola digital mobile radio


Motorola MOTOTRBO mobile DM2600

Motorola digital mobile radio


Motorola MOTOTRBO mobile DM4400 / DM4401

Motorola digital mobile radio


Motorola MOTOTRBO mobile DM4600 / DM4601

Motorola digital repeater


Motorola MOTOTRBO repeater base station

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