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Full DUPLEX Wireless Radio

3M Peltor DECT-Com II is a wireless duplex intercom system, operating on the 1.8 GHz DECT-frequencies, which are license free in most countries.

The products in the Peltor DECT-Com II family offer simple and efficient wireless duplex communication with up to 9 active users talking in full conference and additionally up to 40 listeners with possibility to quick “break in” to the conference. In a system with more than 9 users any listening participant can change from listening to speaking. The earliest active speaker will then be degraded to a listener in the conference and any other listener can follow, replacing active speakers in the order “first in – first out”.

Hands-Free Communications

The DECT-Com II duplex radio intercom system is designed to make it easy for your team to clearly communicate in noisy environments. Featuring state-of-the art technology and the advantage of hands-free transmission, it delivers the benefits needed to improve workplace efficiencies and help prevent accidents.

  • Hands-Free Operation: Transceivers provide hands-free, voice-activated duplex communications.
  • Duplex Communication: Automatic transmit over-ride functionality is standard for all transmitters. A maximum of nine transceivers can operate in a simultaneous, conference duplex conversation at once.
  • Multiple System Configurations: Flexible system configurations allow up to 40 team members to participate in a workgroup. The transceiver’s design allows members to join and drop out of conference duplex discussions automatically as members stop talking.
  • External Connectivity: Select two-way radios can be integrated into a system configuration by using the DC2915 transceiver.
  • Extended Range: Approximate range outdoors is 300 yards; 50 yards indoors.
  • Headset Options: Compatible with multiple Peltor headset models.

Just like talking on the telephone, duplex communication technology permits simultaneous transmissions of two messages in opposite directions over a single channel. Benefits of this technology include the ability to override discussions to highlight urgent, unforeseen safety hazards.

3M Peltor DECT-Com II Base/Portable radio

DECT-Com II Base / Portable transceiver

3M Peltor DECT-Com II Base/Portable radio

DECT-Com II Base / Portable transceiver with auxiliary port for two-way radio input

3M Peltor DECT-Com II Base/Portable radio

DECT-Com II Base / Portable, shown with DC2093 charger cradle

3M Peltor DECT-Com II Portable radio

DECT-Com II portable transceiver

DECT-Com II DC2032 battery pack

Auxiliary battery pack, holds six AA batteries

DECT-Com II headset

Hearing protection headset

DECT-Com II headset

Lightweight headset with boom mic

DECT-Com II headset

Lightweight headset with boom mic

DECT-Com II throat microphone

Next generation tactical style throat microphone


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