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Radio Control Over IP


Radio Control Over IP from Sitelink

Suitable for Railways, CCTV control rooms, Chemical Plants, Police forces, Port Authorities

The C-Soft application and the IP223 Radio to IP Interface are the foundation for complete control of small to large radio systems. The C-Soft console is a Microsoft Windows application that enables a PC with a full duplex sound card and a network connection to monitor and control two-way radios that are connected to the network.

The IP223 is our radio to IP Interface that allows connection of any type of radio to a customers own LAN/WAN or over the internet.
The software console is user configurable through the C-Soft Designer program. Using this program, we create a custom dispatch screen with only those facilities required by the end user.
Dispatchers with differing requirements can be given different screen designs. Once the screen layout is created, the designer program generates a file that is read by the C-Soft Runtime program. The runtime software does the actual IP communications with the other radios available on the network. This single screen design file makes it easy for us to send updates to users wherever they may be located.
The C-Soft package is fully compatible with popular touch screen monitors. We also offer an HB-3 adaptor that allows pro series desk microphone, headset and footswitch control of the PC dispatch station. Standard PC audio devices are also supported.
The software console is an application that can be multitasked with other programs running under Windows 2000 or XP. This allows for other software applications to be executed on the same PC as the software console.
The IP223 can also be used back to back to link to radio systems together and we also have a range of telephone style controllers to control radios over your IP Network.

Radio Over IP

  • Control your existing radio system over existing Lan/Wan or Internet
  • Reduce landline charges
  • Simple reduced cabling installation
  • Suitable for simple systems or multiple base stations/controller systems
  • Dedicated IP controllers
  • CSoft PC based touch screen Radio Controller
  • Suitable for Railways, CCTV control rooms, Chemical Plants, Police forces, Port Authorities

Full Duplex

Building to Building

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