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VOIP telephone systems from Sitelink

VOIP - Voice Over IP

Quite simply, the most cost effective way of connecting your telephone system to the outside world

ISDN & SIP (IP Telephony/Voice Over IP) are quite simply the most cost effective way of connecting your telephone system to the outside world.

That’s why all the systems we supply supports both Primary Rate ISDN30, Basic Rate ISDN2 & SIP Trunks (Voice Over IP), so our customers can reap the functionality and cost benefits that these technologies deliver.

These benefits include:

  • ENHANCED QUALITY – Immediate, high quality connections
  • DIRECT DIALLING INWARDS – DDI gives callers direct access to extensions or call groups/departments, therefore less traffic going via the Receptionists who can deal with new enquiry calls
  • CALLING LINE IDENTITY – CLI, see who’s calling before the call is answered
  • CONVERSATION RECORDING – No more grey areas ever again!
  • FLEXIBLE CALL ROUTING – incoming calls can be routed to other departments, offices or individuals to improve the service callers can receive.
  • DECT CORDLESS, WiFi & GSM – Mobility! Never miss a telephone call again whether you are on or offsite!
  • VOICE MAIL INTEGRATION WITHIN YOUR EMAIL INBOX – Whatever you can do with an email you can now do with a voice mail
  • TRUNK TO TRUNK CONNECTION – Calls can be manually transferred or automatically diverted to another number/office/mobile
  • I.P. TELEPHONY AND VOICE OVER I.P.- enabling Home Workers to be part of the office telephone system/call centre via Broadband and also enabling branch offices to be connected together and perceived to be one large network over Broadband and private leased lines.
  • SIP/VoIP trunks now enable telephone numbers to be truly portable. Moving from Manchester to Scotland? Take your number with you! All of our systems are SIP compatible guaranteeing a secure investment as Voice Over IP takes over.

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