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professional communication solutions

Event Hire

Professional Event Radio Hire

Sitelink have great experience of large events and with that experience have created these specialist services:-

International Frequency Management

If your event is outside the UK then you are going to require an allocation of frequencies to use during your event. Sitelink will liaise with the countries authorities to acquire the number of channels required.

On Site Equipment Management

Big events normally require a large quantity of radio equipment. To keep track of every radio Sitelink can provide On Site Support for logging equipment in & out. This is done by using a unique piece of software created especially for Sitelink, which enables us to log who has what and is done at speed by using bar coding.

Sitelinks log in and out system

Trunked Radio System

Wide Range of Accessories

Using the right accessory for the job is vital to achieve the most out of your radio. Sitelink stock a large range of headsets, earpieces and remote speaker microphones to suit almost every need. Sordin headsets can also be hired to not only protect the user in noisy environments but to allow communications to continue.

Radio Hire Accessories

Worldwide Delivery

In this day and age the world has become a smaller place. Our equipment can be shipped worldwide for immediate use. Here are just some of the places throughout the world our equipment has been used:-
Frankfurt, Barcelona, Athens, Cannes, Edinburgh, Rome, Lisbon, etc.

Mobile antenna tower available

Sitelink also boasts a 50 foot trailer mast within its hire fleet. This useful addition can enable radio coverage to be gained over a large area. With the use of a generator, repeater base stations can be remotely sighted to achieve the required range. The tower mast can also enable multiple antennas to be mounted with the required separation to eliminate any possible cross interference.

Tower Mast for increased range of your communications

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Full Duplex

Building to Building

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